The possibilities offered by the web today are unheard of. In recent years, the public has gradually been able to access powerful, unprecedented tools.

This is particularly the case of so-called “no-code” technologies, allowing users to create a website, a web or mobile app, an API, a chatbot, or a virtual reality experience without having to master computer code. These visual-based tools only involve the manipulation of existing blocks.

>Contournement> is a collectively-led project, designed for those who wish to create their own tools, freed from technical constraints.

Our objective: allow users to test their ideas by taking the shortest path, gain autonomy, and better manage their workflow. Productivity and efficiency, hand-in-hand.

Coming from the world of programming and web development, we understand the value of thorough, in-depth computer code skills. We are not the kind of people who shout out sensationalist slogans like “Code is dead. Make way for no-code”.

Our vision is that in some cases, no-code is an opportunity to bypass certain constraints to achieve one’s objectives. In our view,

  1. No-code is an excellent way to do something yourself that you would not otherwise be able to do (due to lack of finances, skills, etc.)
  2. No-code is an excellent way to take the shortest path to what you want to achieve, reducing the time between the idea and the realization.
  3. No-code is an excellent way to minimize risks: you start by creating a prototype that works, you test your idea, and if it works and is used, then you invest in a coded application.
  4. No-code is an excellent way to keep control over your project’s implementation, without having to depend on a professional for evolutions and modifications.
  5. No-code is an excellent way to focus on the real added value brought to the user, as well as on the right methods and approaches that make it happen (agility, lean startup approach, design thinking, etc.)

We believe that if no-code is often the fastest way to achieve your objectives, it does not necessarily mean that it is the best, or that it is a valid solution for each and every project.

Time to venture off the beaten track, head-on.

For more info: read the extended version of our manifesto!